You asked: Why did I choose tourism as a subject?

Why did you choose to study tourism?

Why did I choose Tourism Management: I’ve chosen this course because I believe it will open up great opportunities and will give me the ability to travel. It’s even more interesting in a way that tourism sector not only boosts economic growth but promotes a sustainable environment as well.

Why do you want to tourism?

People who work in travel and tourism have a passion for travel, and a commitment to helping tourists make the most of their holiday whether at home or abroad. Here’s why. … Endless opportunities: tourism is a worldwide industry, and the skills you learn at college are easily transferable.

Why do you choose travel and tourism?

Almost every travel and tourism job grants their employees lovable salary hikes. Moreover, they get free products and services of the company and sometimes they also get heavy discount rates at numerous places. It is a cost-effective way through which you can spend a memorable time with your family and friends.

What can you do with tourism as a subject?

Service & Tourism Industry: Tourism is first and foremost a service industry.

Other career job titles in this industry include:

  • Accommodation Service Manager.
  • Conference and Event Planner.
  • Restaurant and Food Services Manager.
  • Tourism Development Officer.
  • Transportation Manager.
  • Travel Counsellor.
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Why did you choose this course?

Focus on positive reasons

Emphasize that you were the one who made the final decision to enroll in the course. … If you chose this course because you didn’t succeed in another course or career path, use this as an opportunity to highlight your confidence that this is the right career path or course for you.

What have you learned in tourism?

A degree in Tourism teaches students about business management, marketing fundamentals, human resources, project management, sustainability, cross-cultural awareness and so much more. The knowledge and skills acquired through the program is essential and useful for a variety of different careers.

Why do I want to work in tourism?

Why tourism? Working in tourism offers exotic or beautiful locations, modern working spaces and a dynamic environment. Employees are often young, bringing an energy and sense of fun to teams and workplaces. There are plenty of chances for personal and career growth – and to make a difference.

What are the benefits of studying travel and tourism?

Tourism courses will also equip you with a wide range of transferable skills like teamwork, leadership, problem-solving, presentation skills, IT skills, research skills and communication skills with a strong focus on the customer.

What do you mean by tourism?

Tourism comprises the activities of persons travelling to and staying in places outside their usual environment for not more than one consecutive year (12 months) for leisure, business or other purposes. … Included are expenses paid before the trip or after it.