What do tourists see in Kenya?

What would someone go to Kenya to see?

Why Go To Kenya For A Wildlife Safari, Cultural, Historical Trip & Marine Beach Vacation

  • The Mecca Of The Great Wildebeest Migration In Africa.
  • High Density & Assorted Wildlife Experiences In National Parks & Reserves.
  • World-Class Birding At Kenya’s Great Rift Valley Lakes.
  • Experience Kenya’s Pioneer Private Conservancies.

Is Kenya a good place for tourism?

Kenya is a great country to visit. Whether you want to go on a Safari or visit some beautiful white sandy beaches, Kenya is a great destination to visit. Over 1.5 Million tourists visit Kenya each year and the tourism infrastructure is developed enough to allow you to have a great time on your visit to Kenya.

What are 3 interesting facts about Kenya?

Here are ten facts that will get you keen for Kenya.

  • Close encounters with the Big Five. …
  • Hunting is illegal in Kenya. …
  • No traffic jams on Lamu Island. …
  • You can witness the result of earth splitting force. …
  • Breaking world records in running. …
  • Kenya is also home to the fastest land animal. …
  • The country of languages.

Is Kenya 3rd world?

Kenya is among the third world countries, but it has a high potential for becoming a second or first world country soon. … Like other countries in Africa, Kenya still features a huge gap between the wealthy and the poor.

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Why do tourists like Kenya?

Tourists visit Kenya for many reasons, including to go on safari and to visit its spectacular coastline around Mombasa. Wildlife viewing of animals such as lions, elephants and giraffes is the major tourist attraction in Kenya. … Money spent by tourists in 2014 within Kenya was 17% of Kenya’s exports.

Is Nairobi worth visiting?

Nairobi is a great place to visit. Like anywhere, there are some things to know before you travel, so The Culture Trip has put together some important tips on navigating and understanding the city and its residents.