Quick Answer: How many tourists came to Sydney Olympics?

How many people visited the Sydney Olympics?

The attendance at the stadium was 112,524 – the largest attendance for any sport in Olympic Games history.

How many people visited the Olympic Games?

The IOC’s website, olympic.org, attracted more than 16 million unique visitors during the Games, breaking the previous record of 10.6 million during the 2008 Games. brought together more than 3,000 athletes and nearly 300,000 Olympic fans to meet and interact online.

Did the Sydney Olympics make a profit?

The 2016 Rio de Janeiro Summer Games experienced the biggest loss recorded at approximately US$2 billion.


Host City Sydney Summer Olympics
Year 2000
Total Costs A$3,000,000,000 (A$3,635,000,000 borne by the public)
Profit/Loss US$2.1 billion

Was the Sydney Olympics a success?

International Olympic Committee president Juan Antonio Samaranch, in his closing ceremony speech, described Sydney’s Games as the “best ever”. The Games were also Australia’s best ever in terms of medals won – 58 in total, featuring 16 gold, 25 silver and 17 bronze. The golden haul was from a record array of sports.

Which Olympic Games had the highest attendance?

A total of 8.3 million tickets were sold for the 1996 Games held in Atlanta, Georgia, USA – often referred to as the “Centennial Olympics”.

How many people visit Sydney every day?

Domestic daytime tourism

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In the year ending March 2019 there was a total of 23.8 million domestic daytime visitors to Sydney.