Is an attraction between unlike molecules?

What is the attraction between molecules called?

Intermolecular forces are the forces of attraction or repulsion which act between neighboring particles (atoms, molecules, or ions ).

What are unlike molecules?

They are nouns that describe a state of molecules sticking together. The difference between them is that adhesion refers to the clinging of unlike molecules and cohesion refers to the clinging of like molecules. Adhesion is the mutual attraction between unlike molecules that causes them to cling to one another.

What is the attraction between unlike substances?

Cohesion, along with adhesion (attraction between unlike molecules), helps explain phenomena such as meniscus, surface tension and capillary action. Mercury in a glass flask is a good example of the effects of the ratio between cohesive and adhesive forces.

When intermolecular attraction occurs between unlike molecules are called?

The intermolecular force of attraction between non-polar molecules is called as dispersion force.

What is the molecular attraction of layers of an unlike matters?

Adhesive force: When forces of attraction between unlike molecules occur, it is called adhesive forces.

What is the attractive force between like molecules involved in capillary action?

what is the attractive force between like molecules involved in capillary action? Cohesion.

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What makes molecules attracted to each other?

Atoms are the building blocks of chemistry. Each atom contains negatively and positively charged particles (electrons and protons). … Atoms with a positive charge will be attracted to negatively charged atoms to form a molecule. This bonding between atoms is the key to how molecules interact with each other.

When molecules are attracted to other charged molecules it is called?

Hydrogen Bonds

Opposite charges attract one another. The slight positive charges on the hydrogen atoms in a water molecule attract the slight negative charges on the oxygen atoms of other water molecules. This tiny force of attraction is called a hydrogen bond.