In which 5 year plan tourism development was first included?

In which five year plan tourism became a part of the Indian Planning?

India tourism planning increased with the seventh five year plan India (1985-1989).

Which five year plan is related to the development of infrastructure in tourism sector?

The sixth five year plan emphasizes tourism as an instrument for economic development, integration and maintains social harmony. After 1980s tourism activity gained momentum as employment generator, source of income, foreign exchange earnings and as a leisure industry.

When was the first ever Indian tourism Day celebrated?

With the development of tourism through the years, UNWTO in late September 1979 recognised the importance of universal growth with the strengthening of this sector and decided to institute World Tourism Day, which was first celebrated on September 27, 1980.

Which year a national policy of tourism was formulated?

A National Tourism Policy (NTP) was formulated in 2002.

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