How do I upsell my travel insurance?

How do you sell travel insurance?

7 Important Tips for Successfully Selling Travel Insurance

  1. Always offer travel insurance to every client for every trip. …
  2. Explain that U.S. health plans probably won’t cover them overseas. …
  3. Don’t base your recommendations just on cost. …
  4. Offer an annual travel insurance plan when appropriate.

Do you need a license to sell travel insurance?

According to the website of the state’s Department of Financial Services, travel agents need licenses, but there are no tests or continuing education requirements to obtain or maintain a license. The new system is possible because states passed a new, uniform law called the Travel Insurance Model Act.

Do travel agents get commission on travel insurance?

Travel agents get paid a commission on the trip price, travel insurance or cancellation fees. You will get paid after your clients’ tour departure. … Combined with the commission on travel insurance sold through us, those $400 per traveler usually adds up to more than $500 in revenue per client.

Can a travel agent sell insurance?

Travel agents earn extra money by selling travel insurance, but they may only offer the travel insurance plans that earn the best commissions. … While some travel agencies have at least one agent that is licensed to sell travel insurance, many travel agents are not licensed insurance agents.

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Can I buy my own travel insurance?

You absolutely can buy travel insurance after booking your trip. However, it’s always best to purchase insurance as early in the process as possible. If you procrastinate, you may miss out on certain benefits.

How much commission does a travel agent get?

A 7% – 8% commission level is somewhat standard with host agencies working with self sufficient agencies. Independent travel agents earning 90% – 100% of the commission are usually high volume seasoned agents that require little to no support from the host agency.

Do travel agencies have to be licensed?

Most states do not require travel agents to hold a license or certificate, but some require travel agents to register with the state. This process usually involves filling out a form, paying a fee, and receiving a registration number that agents must display at their place of business.

What is a travel insurance agent?

What Does a Travel Insurance Agent Do? The responsibilities of a travel insurance agent are to provide financial protection for travelers and their flights, trips, hotels, cruises, car rentals, or entire vacation packages. This coverage may include cancellations, lost luggage, health issues, and other emergencies.

How do I contact Allianz Global Assistance?

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