Can student visa holder apply for white card?

Can you get a White Card on a student visa?

Update: Some courses, including White Card & First Aid courses, are now exempt from CRICOS requirements and available for Overseas Students on a Student Visa: ASQA CRICOS exemption. You can sign up and obtain a White Card as an international student using this link: Queensland White Card for international student.

Can international students get a White Card?

A white card is a qualification that is required for anyone wishing to access a building site in Australia. This includes international students who might find themselves working as labourers, or for a trade on a construction project. The white card is all about safety.

How do you qualify for a White Card?

To qualify for a white card in the ACT, you need to first complete construction induction training with an RTO. Find your nearest white card trainer here. This construction induction training must include a unit of competency called ‘CPCCWHS1001 — Prepare to work safely in the construction industry’.

How do you get a White Card in Australia?

In order to obtain a white card you need to successfully complete the general induction training course (course reference CPCCWHS1001 – Prepare to work safely in the construction industry) which is approved through the Australian Skills Quality Authority.

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Can student make White Card in Australia?

As per the Australian government’s requirement, only CRICOS registered institutes can deliver this course to international students in Australia.

Can I get my White Card online?

You can now get a White Card online in several states which is recognised in all states and territories. This mean that you can do the White Card Course at home, at your own pace. It is convenient, easy, much cheaper than face-to-face training and fully accredited.

Is getting a White Card easy?

An OH&S Course or ‘White Card’ is not that difficult to get. It is an entry-level, basic construction health and safety training course and takes less than a day to complete. … To be valid your White Card must be issued by a Registered Training Organisation.

Do I need to study for a White Card?

Getting a White Card is the first thing you need to do before you start any construction job, and it’s as easy as doing some brief studying and finishing a short course.

Can you fail a White Card test?

You will need to get all the questions correct in order to pass both of the courses. That is 100%. Don’t worry if you fail you will get feedback from our Assessors and you can go back and do the assessment again.

Do white cards expire?

Will my White Card expire? Your White Card will not expire, however if you have been out of the construction industry for a period of two years or more you will need to redo the course.

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Who protects White Card?

A white card (or general construction induction card) is required by anyone who wants to carry out construction work, such as tradespeople and labourers, site managers or other people who work in construction areas.

Is a White Card compulsory?

A White Card is evidence that you have completed a General Construction Induction course/White Card course (previously known as the Blue Card, Red Card or Green Card course depending on your state). This course is mandatory for anyone who works, or wants to work, in the construction industry.