Can foreign workers stay in HDB flats?

Can foreign workers live in HDB?

[A response to the much asked question “Can foreign workers rent HDB flats to live?”: Under HDB rules, foreign workers (i.e. work permit holders) in the construction, marine and process sectors are not allowed to rent and live in HDB flats, with the exception of Malaysian work permit holders.]

Can foreign workers stay in private property?

Allowed to house

All foreign employees. All types of private residential property are subjected to an occupancy cap of 6 unrelated persons per property. Unrelated persons refer to anyone who is not part of the same family unit. … The occupancy cap also applies to tenants who sublet the property.

Who can stay in HDB?

You may rent your HDB flat to the following types of tenants:

  • Singapore citizens.
  • Singapore permanent residents.
  • Non-citizens holding the following passes (validity period at least 6 months): Employment pass. S pass. Work Permit holders from Construction, Marine and Process sectors must be Malaysians.

Can I let my friend stay in my HDB?

As long as you are collecting rent for someone’s stay in your flat, you will need to register the tenant. This is to ensure the person is legally allowed to stay in Singapore, and that the subletting quota for the neighbourhood is observed.

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Can my relative stay in my HDB flat?

4 Answers. Hi Anonymous, thanks for writing to us on AskGuru. Your parents can stay in your flat and you can still keep your HDB, as long as the rooms are not being rented out to other people. Your parents do not need to register as occupiers.

Can Malaysians rent HDB?

Tenants must rent an HDB flat/ bedroom for at least 6 months. Owners can apply to rent out their flat/ bedrooms for a maximum period of 3 years per application if their tenants are all Singaporeans or Malaysians. For rental applications involving non-Malaysian non-citizens, the maximum period per approval is 2 years.

Can workers stay warehouse?

There are 2 different types of workers’ dormitories that can be considered in factory/warehouse buildings. … They can be accommodated in a new separate building within an industrial/warehouse development, or they can occupy factory/warehouse space converted to dormitory use within the existing development.

How do I check my HDB tenant status?

Flat owners can print the HDB’s confirmation letter, after logging in with Singpass at, via Renting Out of Bedroom(s) > Enquiry on Tenants. Alternatively, flat owners may use our ‘Enquiry on Authorised Tenants’ e-Service to assure their tenants that they have been registered with HDB.

Can foreigners rent condo in Singapore?

While private properties can be rented out to guests and tourists as long as it’s not shorter than three months, HDB units cannot be leased out to tourists.

Can I stay in private and rent out HDB?

If you own a HDB and a condo, you can rent out either one or stay in both properties. … By renting out your HDB, you will also be able to enjoy a positive cash flow every month after deducting the mortgage!

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Can my friend live in my house rent free?

A Yes, you can let your daughter live rent free, but there are tax implications. … This may not matter if you are buying the property outright, but if you are intending to use a buy-to-let mortgage you may not be able to claim all the interest as a tax-deductible expense.

Can foreigners rent property in Singapore?

Foreigners can rent out a HDB apartment or a room although this is dependent on HDB’s quota for the block. A minimum of six months’ stay is required. For private property, the duration of the lease depends on the landlord and therefore, you should negotiate with the person directly.